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Poole Diving
Start Date/Time: 08 April 2017
End Date/Time: 08 April 2017
Recurring Event: One time event
Importance: Normal Priority
Free Spaces: 2
Location: Poole
Location/Boat:  Rocket - http://divingpoole.com/
Cost:  £44 / day for two dives
Deposit: £10
Co-ordinator:  Martin
Minimum Qualification Level:  OW, but may be run with dives to about 25m (AOW) with agreement of attendees 
Dive Details:
To book contact the Dive Organiser
Divers will need two cylinders as the boat will not return to shore between the dives. 
Divers: Jim, Martin, LizA, PeterA, Clive, NigelS, JaneW, KeithP
Other information:
Created by Martin Lewin On 08 January 2017 23:40