If you've got any suggestions for Club dives then let the Dive Organisers know, we're always looking for new places.

If you would like to go on any of these trips, please come to the pub on the Wednesday Club Night and speak to the dive organisers, Pob Crow & Tim Smith/Martin Lewin, or contact the relevant organiser through the link in the calendar entry.

The dives are planned to cater for different levels of divers. Each dive has a minimum qualification level. If you are in any doubt, please contact the organiser. Non members are welcome to dive but there will be an additional charge of £10 per day.

A £2 supplement has been added to all dives to enable the club to better ensure that dives that aren't full, (and where the club would otherwise make a loss), go ahead.

When a dive is shown as full, there will be a reserve list in case of cancellations. Before booking on a trip, make sure your aware of the 'Guidelines for Club Dives'.

The list below explains the meaning of the acronyms in the dive calendar:-

  • OW – Open to all divers of any level, but particularly aimed at those who are recently qualified, or returning to diving after a break.
  • AOW – PADI Advanced Open Water (or equivalent from another agency). Some UK experience needed.
  • AOW+ – PADI AOW with an additional qualification, such as PADI Deep specialty (or equivalent). Good UK sea experience required.


No events to display.

Full Dive ?

If the dive shows as full, contact the dive organisers anyway to get on the waiting list.
There's a very strong chance that a space will come free.

Dives Completed in the Last Year

Start DateVenue
23/09/2017 Lymington - White Spirit
05/08/2017 Tobermory
22/07/2017 Eastbourne Weekend
08/07/2017 St. Abbs and Farne Islands
24/06/2017 Tango Weekend
03/06/2017 Scillies Diving
26/05/2017 Pembrokeshire
08/04/2017 Poole Diving