If you've got any suggestions for Club dives then let the Dive Organisers know, we're always looking for new places.

If you would like to go on any of these trips, please come to the pub on the Wednesday Club Night and speak to the dive organisers, Pob Crow & Tim Smith/Martin Lewin, or contact the relevant organiser through the link in the calendar entry.

The dives are planned to cater for different levels of divers. Each dive has a minimum qualification level. If you are in any doubt, please contact the organiser. Non members are welcome to dive but there will be an additional charge of £10 per day.

A £2 supplement has been added to all dives to enable the club to better ensure that dives that aren't full, (and where the club would otherwise make a loss), go ahead.

When a dive is shown as full, there will be a reserve list in case of cancellations. Before booking on a trip, make sure your aware of the 'Guidelines for Club Dives'.

The list below explains the meaning of the acronyms in the dive calendar:-

  • OW – Open to all divers of any level, but particularly aimed at those who are recently qualified, or returning to diving after a break.
  • AOW – PADI Advanced Open Water (or equivalent from another agency). Some UK experience needed.
  • AOW+ – PADI AOW with an additional qualification, such as PADI Deep specialty (or equivalent). Good UK sea experience required.


Start DateVenueDaysTypeFree SpacesDescription
22/07/2017 Eastbourne Weekend 2 AOW/AOW+ 12
Location/Boat:  Sussex Shipwrecks - sussexshipwrecks.co.uk
Cost:  £48 / day for two dives (2 days)
Deposit: £20
Co-ordinator:  Martin
Minimum Qualification Level:  AOW 
Dive Details:
To book contact the Dive Organisers 
Divers will need two cylinders as the boat will not return to shore between dives. 
Other information:
Gas fills can be provided by the boat but air only - if you have a suitable nitrox blending qualification then you can bring your own O2 or we can organise for the boat to supply it at cost, but you have to do your own mixing.
05/08/2017 Tobermory 8 AOW 0
Location/Boat:  Lochaline Boat Charters
Cost:  £385 (includes accomodation and air)
Deposit: £90
Co-ordinator:  Orientation Dive Organiser
Minimum Qualification Level: Advanced Open Water
Dive Details:
Five days diving, with 3 dives per day with Lochaline Boat Charters out of Tobermory.
From the Lochaline website:
"The main benefit in diving out of Tobermory is that it enables a slightly shorter journey to reach the dive sites North and West of the Sound of Mull. Well known dive sites available from Tobermory which are included in our daily charter rates: Hispania, John Preston, Rondo, Thesis, Shuna, Swan , Ardtornish Point, Pennygown Quarry, Tapti, Nevada, General Consul, Aurania, Ardmore Point, Auliston Point, Calve Island, Bo Fascadale,Danny's Buoy, Elizabeth Rock, Loch Sunart and the diving around the Isle of Muck."

We have 7 nights accomodation booked in Tobermory on the Isle of Mull at Bad Dairach House, which is a self-catering holiday house.

The quoted cost covers the accommodation and diving. It does not include travel to and from Scotland or over to the Isle of Mull. We can agree upon sharing travel arrangements once places have been filled.

Air fills are available on the boat (cost not included in package), so you don't need 3 cylinders to be able to do 3 dives per day smiley
Further details TBC.
To book contact the Orientation Dive Organiser
Divers: Jane, Roger, Clare, Ben, Robyn, Liz, Peter, Jim, Clive, AnthonyR
Unconfirmed: Antony
Other information:
23/09/2017 Lymington - White Spirit 1 AOW 12
Location/Boat:  Wight Spirit - wightspirit.co.uk
Cost:  £47 / day for two dives
Deposit: £10
Co-ordinator:  Martin
Minimum Qualification Level:  AOW 
Dive Details:
To book contact the Dive Organisers
Divers will need two cylinders as the boat will not return to shore between dives. 
Divers: IanH, TomB
Other information:

Full Dive ?

If the dive shows as full, contact the dive organisers anyway to get on the waiting list.
There's a very strong chance that a space will come free.

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