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Southern Red Sea
Start Date/Time: 15 November 2018
End Date/Time: 21 November 2018
Recurring Event: One time event
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Southern Red Sea Trip
A 1 week trip on a Southern Red Sea itinerary on Mistral, booked via Scuba Travel. This is a joint trip with the BSAC club, booked by Paul.
Location/Boat:  Mistral
Cost:  £1150 approx, plus any extras you require
Co-ordinator:  Paul Fiander (if you don't have Paul's details contact dive@thedivingclub.co.uk to be put in touch)
Minimum Qualification Level:  AOW + deep / BSAC Sport Diver - you need a 40m ticket to make the most of the trip.
Dive Details: Mostly as described on the scuba travel website in terms of the boat and likely itinerary. Contact Paul for more details or to book.
Owned by Martin Lewin updated on 16/04/2018