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03/10/2018 Recurring Event: until 05/12/2018 (total 16 events) Photo Competition

2018 Photo Competition!

Slightly delayed this year, but that just allows a longer window for selecting your best photos from! Its the 2018 annual Photo competition!  We are now into our 13th year of running the competition. Details will also be on the website but just to remind you that the competition will be at our October meeting on Weds the 3rd of October at the RBSAC club house in Palmer Park. Deadline for your submissions is Friday the 28th September to allow for collation and printing.

We've changed the competition this year to make it slightly more interactive. So the classes have changed slightly and we'd also like a little bit of description to go along with the photo. Additionally rather than voting during the presentation, we intend to print the photos and allow members to take a longer look so they can make a more considered decision.

Each club member is entitled to enter five photos in each of the following 4 categories:

  • UK
  • Overseas
  • Macro
  • Video

All Entries - Please provide a few words of explanation which will be read out anonymously. Perhaps explain what the subject is, where it was taken and any compexity in taking the photo.

Short Video - Max. 90 second video of which a minimum of 60 seconds must be underwater. They will be judged simply as 'the best' based on the personal taste of the judges - ie. YOU, the audience!

All pictures/videos must be underwater photos. All photos must have been taken by the submitting club member since the start of 2017.

Minor processing is allowed (e.g. cropping, colour balancing, etc.) and pictures should be in digital format (preferably .jpg). If you are in doubt as to whether your pictures are eligible, just ask!

Email your entries to Roger ( The deadline for submissions will be Friday the 28th September.

All members attending the meeting will be able to vote for their favourite in each category. Prizes will be awarded for the favourite in each category.

07/11/2018 Recurring Event: until 05/12/2018 (total 16 events) AGM

Annual General Meeting

What do you think of the Dive Club? Its your club and we welcome your involvment.  Do you want to join the committee, would you like us to arrange a dive to a particular place or see more of a particular type of dive.  This is your chance to have your say and get involved. Come along and make your opinion known. 

Palmer Park, London Rd, Reading, Berkshire RG6 1LF

When you enter the car park head for the back left corner. The club house is in a separate compound.

05/12/2018 Recurring Event: until 05/12/2018 (total 16 events) Christmas Party

Instead of a meal out this year, we’re staying at home!!!

Similar to the summer BBQ earlier in the year, we’re asking members to bring along some of their favorite festive foods and share it with other club members.

The club will of course be providing some food and maybe a drink or two. In addition there will be a quiz with a few small prizes to keep us giggling.

(We might have to coordinate the food a bit to make sure we don’t get 10 roast turkeys and 15 Xmas puds!!!)

Non-members interested in joining are welcome to come along. Please contact so we know you are coming.

Location: Palmer Park, London Rd, Reading, Berkshire RG6 1LF

When you enter the car park head for the back left corner. The club house is in a separate compound.