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09 August 2009
eNewsletter 09 - August 2009
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Hi All,


Last Club Dive of the Year!
While the newly elected committee (see below) is busy squirreling away booking dives for the following year why don’t you kick back and relax at the last club dive of the year?

Location/Boat: Tango, Cost: £43 per day
Minimum Qualification Level:  Advanced Open Water plus PADI Deep Specialty or equiv., UK sea experience required

Dive Details: 
     Saturday - 09:00:  UB-74 (34m) plus drift
     Sunday - 09:45:  P555 (39m) plus drift

See the website for more details. To book contact Bryan @


Update your details
Now... if your email address is out of date then this newsletter will not get to you and I am talking to myself. For everyone else can you check that your details on the website are correct? To check your details browse to, sign in, click your name (in the top right of the page), then click manage profile.


Member Dive Reports
A new section of the website has been created for members, Member Reports. Check out an account from our webmaster on a recent trip to Sharm.


Jumping ahead to October... here is a letter from our Chairman.

Letter from the Chairman / AGM
Dear Club Member,

The club night of the 5th October will be The Diving Club's 2008/09 AGM at The Thatchers Woodley. Start time is 8.30pm.
This will be a chance for you to hear a summary of the past year's activities by your elected committee members as well as a chance for you to get elected onto the committee for the next year if that appeals to you.
If you are interested in helping to run the club there are a few criteria in the club's constitution that do need to be met.


There is a qualifying period for committee membership, where the person seeking election to positions other than Chairman needs to have been a Club member for at least six months.
For the position of Chairman that period must be at least 12 months, prior to the date of the AGM. 

The Process

Nominations for election must be provided in writing to the Club Secretary not less than 14 days prior to the date of the AGM
The nomination list will be posted on the Club website seven calendar days before the AGM of the Club
All nominations must be proposed and seconded by paid up members of the club
(Where there are no nominations, subject to AGM attendees approval, nominations will be accepted at the AGM)
Voting will take place during the AGM and the person with the highest number of votes shall be elected.
All committee positions are available so if you are interested in shaping the future of your diving club then get involved!

See you on the 5th October

Peter Wright


Club Night
Be relieved that you have been spared the opportunity of spending yet more money on diving equipment because and unfortunately Cameras Underwater are unable to make it to our September club night. Never mind. We will get them to attend someday, to give a talk and show off their wares.

Monday 7th September 2009
Thatcher's, Fairwater Drive, Woodley RG5 3EZ

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