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04 November 2010
Standing room only at November club night Standing room only at November club night
By Nigel Stephenson @ 21:18 :: 2015 Views :: 0 Comments :: Member Reports

The November club night was standing room only for Mike Ball's intro to liveaboards on the Great Barrier reef. Despite that Mike managed to reel off the names of everyone in the room from memory - a great party trick (he can get up to about 50 names apparently!). 

From starting off as a £10 pom, Mike has built an innovative dive charter business - like his yellow/green/red flag system for indicating the experience rating of a dive, his solo diver test and an intricate cage and bait pulley system for shark diving - since abandoned due to some 'interesting' incidents!

Plenty of adventure with low level flights, shark encounters, whales and dives from 5m to 50m, all from a luxurious twin hulled boat.

But his tale of global warming and coral bleaching, which caused him to have to move the whole operation, is a sobering reminder of the fragility of these amazing habitats..

Congratulations to Jim Taylor on winning the expedition voucher - you just need to sort out your flights out now mate!

If you're interested in an expedition 'down under' then contact John at Divestyle.

  • Standing room only at November club night
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