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20 October 2013
The Diving Club Newsletter: November The Diving Club Newsletter: November
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Welcome to the November Newsletter

In this issue:

  • CHANGE OF DATES – November, Dec and January meetings!
  • Social Update
  • Diving Update – we don’t stop!
  • Open Committee Positions

Social Update

Next Meeting: Andy Torbet Speaker Evening

The November meeting will be on Weds 20th November and not the usual first Wednesday; for a very good reason! We have booked Andy Torbet fresh from the NEC Dive Show and his Extreme Diving Adventures talk. This is likely to be the highlight of this year’s social calendar and as such is our “Big Name” speaker for 2013. If you don’t know who he is then you really should make the effort to come along and listen to his extraordinary tales. He is a very entertaining  and colourful character.

Upcoming Socials

Oct 26/27th: NEC Dive Show – No organised trip this year but look out for fellow club members if you are there and let us know if you pick up any good ideas for UK dive trips!

Nov 20th: Andy Torbet – Extreme Diver and guest Speaker. Ticket Price: FREE to members, £4 to non members.

Dec 11th: Christmas Party – yes, it’s that time of year again! NOTE this is the 2nd Weds of December. This year we’ll be eating in so should be a low cost fun packed evening. Including some free drinks to get the party going.

Jan 8th: RDP – Reading Dive Planner evening. Our annual review of the year ahead and your chance to sign up to some great diving! 2nd Weds of the month.

As ever, more details on the social calendar

Diving Update

Next Dive: Scuba Santas Dec 15th

Yes, it’s coming up to that time of the year again, when you need to get out your Santa suit (or more likely, buy a new one), and come diving in Chepstow to raise money for the RNLI and DDRC.

This year, the Diving Clubs of Reading are getting together so we need to put out a good team of divers, along with DiveStyle Pirates and Reading BSAC. Maybe we can get ourselves in the news!

Details to follow but why not register at

For those who haven’t heard of it - Each year around Christmas time a group of divers dress up in Santa costumes to raise money for a charity. In 2007 a few hundred pounds was raised for the RNLI with 8 participating Santas, a Viking, a snowman, and a fairy. Now over £20,000 has been raised and other people have been motivated to start similar events all over the world since. The next event will be held at the National Diving and Activity Centre near Chepstow. Scuba Santas is organised by Lloyd Watkin with help from members of Yorkshire Divers.

Completed Dives

Since the last newsletter  we have had a great couple of dive trips. The first was on Tanks and Bulldozers out of Portsmouth which the club had been unsuccessful in diving for the last couple of years. It’s fair to say it was worth the wait! The viz was pretty good and we could see the entire vehicles. The life on them was fantastic with congers, blennies and crabs everywhere. Topped off with sunny weather and 19°C water, we may well head back there next year.

The second outing was the submarine weekend in Weymouth. We chartered a previously unused boat by the club, Weychieftan, which was absolutely cracking and hence we have already booked again for next year. We managed to dive both the M2 and HMS Sidon, and although the viz wasn’t the best….mission accomplished! Weymouth is a great place for dive weekends,both socially and dive wise; this was the second weekend we’ve had there this year.

Upcoming Dives

Dec 15th: Scuba Santas – NDAC Chepstow.

April 26th: Portsmouth – all levels.

May 15th: Autrian Trip – Gruner See. Definitely on of the more unusual dive destinations!

June 7/8th: Weymouth Weekend – All levels

July 5 – 7th: ‘Up North’ Long Weekend St. Abbs and Farnes Islands. All levels

Places available on ALL dives – contact the organisers for more info. All details on the Dive Calendar

Committee Positions

The AGM this year was a combination of serious topics and casual manner with much jocularity – a format we should perhaps repeat?!  The minutes of the meeting can be found here -

We still have a couple of open positions:

Social Secretary – whilst we had a good set of events last year, it would be great to do even better. We already have a number of activities lined up so anyone volunteering will have a head start on the year and plenty of support.

Chairman – Nigel has finally stood down , so we are in need of a replacement! If any of you are interested, why not come along and ask Nigel or one of the committee members what it involves? The major commitment is a couple of hours seven or eight times a year and some ideas for the club – so go on, give it a go.

See you at the next meeting!


Publicity Officer, The Diving Club


  • The Diving Club Newsletter: November
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