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30 November 2013
The Diving Club Newsletter: Christmas Party Edition The Diving Club Newsletter: Christmas Party Edition
By Nigel Stephenson @ 11:16 :: 1819 Views :: 0 Comments :: HBT

Welcome to the December Newsletter


In this issue:

  • Christmas Party Time! Next Meeting December 11th!! ARE YOU JOINING US? LET US KNOW.
  • Social Update
  • Diving Update
  • Update on Committee Positions

Christmas Party/Next Meeting Weds Dec 11th

NOTE this is the 2nd Weds of December.


This year we’ll be eating in and it will be a FUN evening! Quiz, party fun (some props will be provided!) and slap up meal… So we want a BIG turnout!!



The Club will provide:

  • Smoked Salmon (oo err!)
  • Cold Turkey
  • Salad
  • Mulled Wine (One glass per member)


We need volunteers to contribute Sweet and Savoury additions to the above. Nothing pricy, and max of 4 portions per person - in theory only 2 portions but just in case we get hungry Winking smile.

  • Eg. Savoury: Sausage rolls, cheeses/biscuits, Dipping things etc
  • Eg. Sweet: Xmas puds, mince pies, festive treats etc


Please let Nigel know on if you plan to attend (for numbers)

Please also indicate if you are able to bring a sweet or savoury addition

This should allow us to balance the dishes and make sure we cater for the right amount of people.

So the Christmas season starts on Dec 11th at the club house – it’s official!

Social Update

Andy Torbet Speaker Evening

What a fantastic evening! The club was packed with a little over 50 people and standing room only for two presentations from Andy. The first covering his more recent adventures including his part in the Monty Halls’ series just started on Channel 5, and the second covering ‘Operation Iceberg’ that he completed and was televised at the end of last year. Andy’s presentation style is really entertaining and everybody there had a really great evening – sorry if you missed it!

Upcoming Socials

Dec 11th: Christmas Party – I think I already mentioned this!

Jan 8th: RDP – Reading Dive Planner evening. Our annual review of the year ahead and your chance to sign up to some great diving! 2nd Weds of the month. The dive calendar is 90%+ complete so check it out and bring your questions and your cheque book to the January meeting.

As ever, more details on the social calendar

Diving Update

Completed Dives

Pob and Les did Guernsey – and Pob wrote about it! See end of this newsletter for his report – looks like a good trip, one for the to-do list.

Upcoming Dives

Some changes due to Wightdiver in Portsmouth having ended operation Sad smile


Dec 15th NDAC/Chepstow Scuba Santas

Yes, it’s coming up to that time of the year again, when you need to get out your Santa suit (or more likely, buy a new one), and come diving in Chepstow to raise money for the RNLI and DDRC.

Please register at (not essential, but helps the organisers).

Let Rob know on if you are going and we can arrange to meet up etc.

April 19th: Lymington OW

May 10th: Littlehampton– OW


May 15th: Autrian Trip – Gruner See. Definitely on of the more unusual dive destinations!

June 7/8th: Weymouth Weekend – All levels

June 21/22nd: Littlehampton AOW

July 5 – 7th: ‘Up North’ Long Weekend St. Abbs and Farnes Islands. All levels

July 19: Swanage All levels

July 26th Scilly Isles AOW

Aug 16/17: Swanage Camping Weekend OW/AOW

Aug 31st: Brighton OW

Sep 27/18: Manacles All levels

Oct 12: Scapa Week, Orkneys. AOW+


Places available on ALL dives – contact the organisers for more info.

All details on the Dive Calendar

Committee Positions

Social Secretary – Nigel Stephenson has kindling offered to step back onto the committee as social secretary, one of the unfilled positions from the AGM. He can be contacted on .

We still have an open position of Chairman

See you at the next meeting!


Publicity Officer, The Diving Club



Pob and Les do Guernsey

clip_image007Dive Date : October 3rd – 7th 2103

Dive Objective : To boldly explore a venue unknown to TDCR

Dive Log : It started as an offer of a virtually free dive boat on a dive forum. Pob and Les bravely stepped forward to see if it was an offer to good to be true.

What we found when we arrived was an island with a fusion of British and French style, welcoming people and temperatures substantially warmer than the mainland - indeed its always warmer there than here :-).

Our host for the visit was Andy who kindly took time of work and acted as our personal skipper/taxi boat and travel guide and made his boat available for our use. A nice comfortable boat to a max of four 'tidy' divers.

A jovial host he gave us the gen on each dive site we visited, advice on where to dive, guided us around the islands of Sark and Herme giving us potted histories and tales of times on the islands.

Diving here is an excellent blend of scenic, reef, drift, pinnacle and wall diving with the odd wreck thrown in. Depths vary from 17m down to 50 ish. The majority of our dives on this trip were in the mid 20's down.

There is a myriad of marine life throughout the area, amazing fields of kelp, fan corals, brain corals, anenomes, starfish, plenty of wrasse, gurnards, sand eels, gobis, cuttlefish, along with plenty of scallops, crabs and lobsters leaping into your goodie bags ready for supper :-).

Amongst the best scenic diving we had done ever. You'll find that the fish are less used to divers than on the South coast but you see them perhaps more in their natural state. The islands of Sark and Herme are also great for a visit after exploring the depths of their coastlines.

The wreck we visited was the MV Oost Vlaanderen (known locally as 'the cement weeck'). Kindly given a guided tour by Steve one of the local divers there are several swim throughs and places to explore inside should you wish, and even a search for the elusive resident giant crab that had survived many battles to bring it back for the pot. A great dive at 31m we unfortunately quickly racked up a little deco and had to bid it goodbye.

Whilst all the dive sites are not necessarily ideal for novices due to fast currents and deep depths. Guernsey is an excellent alternative diving venue. Warm temperatures, excellent viz, good diving and only a couple of hours away by ferry or cat.

There are however divesites that are accessible for all levels of diver. There are no dive charters on the island but the local BSAC club are happy to help divers as is Andy.

A ferry will cost approx £250, decent diver friendly b&b from about £30 pppn (how many b&b's will freeze your catch for you until you go home or provide an area for you to hose your kit down??), and diving costs at £10-15 per dive make Guernsey a great value trip destination. We managed 10 dives in 4 days with plenty of scope for more.

So would we go back....? To right we would. :-)

If you want further info feel free to ask.


  • The Diving Club Newsletter: Christmas Party Edition
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