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27 October 2014
Social Events Social Events
By Peter Allison @ 09:58 :: 1194 Views :: 0 Comments :: Announcement

I'm sure that as Autumn begins to bite you will, like me, begin to think about the interminable wait before you can next dive in UK waters.  Of course we can do some quarry dives but there's nothing quite like getting your kit wet in the salty stuff, so given the diving frustration that accompanies our autumn and winter there is little that we can do but wait.  I would however, like to remind you of our social schedule (see attached).  Please come along for a pint and a natter where we can at least talk about diving with people who  share our passion. I want to draw your particular attention to the first three items on the roster of activities:-

  • This Friday, yes Friday the 31st October, Richard Edmonds (part of the management team for the Jurassic Coast) will be giving a talk in the club house at 8 pm.  His talk will be entitled " The Natural History of the Jurassic Coast: A Divers(e) Tale.  Richard is a geologist by training and has been working on the Dorset Coast for over 2 decades and has regularly been interviewed for a variety of TV programmes where he has explained the special importance of the Jurassic Coast and why it is a World Heritage Site.  Richard is also an  avid diver (4000 dives) and photographer and his presentation will be abundantly illustrated.  His talk will include an overview of the natural history of the land-based and marine environment and there will be few people who are more experienced or better qualified  to deliver such a talk.  Im sorry that this is at short notice but Richard is normally based in Dorset but will be staying in Reading  on Friday night and he has kindly agreed to present this talk while he is in town.  Please come and if you could send me an email  ( ) so that we can confirm numbers that would be fantastic.
  • The following Wednesday  (5th November) we will have another regular Club meeting (with some fireworks as well). This will be the  annual "show and tell" presentation. If you have some great (or not so great) pics of critters or dive locations then please please please bring them along on a USB stick and we will put them up on the screen.  It may be that the weather has stopped us from diving but we can at least bask in the memories of this years fantastic diving...highlights for me were the trips "up North" and down in Cornwall. 
  • Finally in the this long email I would like to point out the diving club Christmas festivities will be on Wednesday the 10th of December in the Diving Club.  More details will come but please put this one in your diary and start thinking of all the shiny shiny diving kit  and warm-water diving hols that you want Santa to deliver on. The club cant deliver on the Santa list I am afraid but we can give you a place to sit down with other divers where you can talk over a beer and split a cracker! Come on along folks!
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