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02 November 2015
John Bantin - 18 November John Bantin - 18 November
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November Speaker - John Bantin

This month we have a great speaker, John Bantin, who is coming to talk to us on the 18th November.

For many years John has been a mainstay of Diver magazine, writing articles on his various trips around the world and being the main reviewer of new diving goodies. He does about 300 dives a year, so has a huge amount of experience and seen many things that I’m sure we would all love to hear about. With stories of great diving trips and humorous goings on, it promises to be a great evening.

"John Bantin has specialized in having a great time. Based in London in the '70s and '80 he was first a photographer for Penthouse Magazine but graduated to doing the photography and film-directing for many Award-winning advertising campaigns for which he got paid megabucks. So much so that in 1992, he took a year off to go diving. More than 20 years later he's still doing it and has developed a reputation instead for being a scurrilous hack, feared by diving resorts and diving equipment manufacturers alike yet he still knows how to get a picture in focus. He is too often mistaken by the non-diving public for Sean Connery or Prince Michael of Kent, both of whom are much older."


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  • John Bantin - 18 November
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