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20 February 2016
2015 Photo Competition 2015 Photo Competition
By Roger Selwyn @ 14:43 :: 1556 Views :: 0 Comments :: HBT

At the beginning of February we held the photo competition for photos take during 2015. This is the 11th year of the competition, and was supported a good number of entries which was somewhat reduced from last year. There was a healthy turn out to members for the evening, which was run in a slightly different style to previous years. The photos and videos were run on a continuous slideshow through the start of the evening allowing people to get a view of them prior to the formal voting part of the evening. All in all it was a good evening out.

The Winners


1st – Keith Peake

 Newcomer 1st - Keith Peake

2nd – Nabi Kawai

 Newcomer 2nd - Nabi Kawai


1st – Benjamin Selwyn

2nd – Julio Lema  Diver 2nd - Julio Lema


1st – Nabi Kawai

 Humour 1st - Nabi Kawai

2nd – Tom Briggs

 Humour 2nd - Tom Briggs

Marine Life

1st – Nabi Kawai

 Marine Life 1st - Nabi Kawai

2nd – Julio Lema

 Marine Life 2nd - Julio Lema


1st – Tom Briggs

 UK 1st - Tom Briggs

2nd – Peter Allison

 UK 2nd - Peter Allison


1st – Benjamin Selwyn

 Wreck 1st - Benjamin Selwyn

2nd – Roger Selwyn

 Wreck 2nd - Roger Selwyn


1st – Clare Selwyn



Benjamin Selwyn

 Overall - Benjamin Selwyn
  • 2015 Photo Competition
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