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02 November 2016
Club Newsletter - AGM Edition Club Newsletter - AGM Edition
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Club Newsletter

Hello Folks,

It is unbelievable another year has flown by, but here we are at the end of the club year.  We hope that you have enjoyed the 2015/16 diving and social calendar.  You should already have received the membership renewal notices for 2016/17 and we look forward to your continued support and to diving with you next year. 

Tonight is also the club AGM, it is a very important meeting and hope you will be able to attend.  It will be your chance to contribute and make a difference, vote on important issues and contribute with any ideas you may have to improve the club and to also put yourself forward for the vacant committee posts.  The committee will report on the 2015/16 year and the plans for the following year.

The current committee members will step down and all positions will be available and will need to be filled.

The posts are:


Club Secretary


Dive Organiser

Membership Secretary

Social Secretary

Marketing & Publicity


The club diving guidelines have been amended and Tim will go through the changes and reasons for the proposed amendments, a vote to approve will be made during the meeting.  The proposed guidelines are set out below, you may or may not have read the guidelines before, but please take some time to look at them, it is important that you are aware of them.  They are also on the club website:


1. Responsibilities of the Diver

  • It is the diver’s sole responsibility to act and dive safely at all times, and the club will not be held liable for the actions of any diver.
  • Divers are responsible for ensuring that they have the appropriate qualification and experience to undertake any planned dive(s), and that their diving experience is current, i.e. the period since their last dive is no greater than that recommended by their qualifying agency.
  • Divers are responsible for planning their individual dives within the limits of their qualifications and training.
  • For Club dives, each diver must carry a DSMB and reel and be proficient in its use. 
  • In the event of a conflict between any requirements of the Club and those of the qualification, those of the qualification shall take precedence (with the exception of DSMBs, which are mandatory for all Club dives). 
  • The supply of equipment appropriate for the planned dive is to be in accordance with the qualification being used for the dive, and is the responsibility of the diver.
  • Each diver is responsible for ensuring their equipment is fully serviced as per manufacturer recommendations. Equipment that is out of service must not be used on club dives.
  • It is the diver’s responsibility to check with the Dive Organiser the day before to ensure that there are no adverse weather conditions which may prevent the dive from going ahead. The Dive Organiser will not contact divers unless there has been a change to previously given advice.
  • Divers are required to complete the Dive Roster before entry into the water.
  • The diver shall respond to their name being called at any roll call. They should not respond on behalf of another diver.
  • Divers must surface no later than 3 minutes after their declared run time (run time being defined as the total time from when the diver leaves the surface to when they are back on the surface) stated on the Dive Roster. N.B. There is a coastguard requirement to notify them if a diver is more than 3 minutes overdue. 
  • The decision of the Dive Organiser/Skipper is final.


2. Responsibilities of the Dive Organiser

  • The Dive Organiser will attempt to plan the dive sites in advance of bookings being taken.
  • Dive details will be published with the approximate maximum planned depth.
  • The Dive Organiser may appoint a representative for each dive. The representative shall be provided with all information available to the Dive Organiser which is relevant to the dive and/or the divers. The representative will agree to carry out the role of the Dive Organiser as detailed in these guidelines, but may refer anything to either the appropriate Dive Organiser or any other Committee member. 
  • In cases where weather or other circumstances prevent the planned dive going ahead, any changes must not require a qualification increase without agreement of all divers.
  • Advice should be sought from an appropriate local source (e.g. the skipper) in the event of a change in dive sites.
  • The Dive Organiser (or representative) will ensure the club O2 and first aid kits are taken on dives (if available, complete and in working order).
  • The Dive Organiser (or representative) will, where appropriate, assist in organising buddy pairs.
  • Divers will be reminded to complete the Dive Roster before and after each dive, but this shall remain the responsibility of the diver.
  • The Dive Organiser (or representative) will ensure an appropriate person(s) is responsible for accounting for all divers prior to leaving a dive site.
  • In the event of a diving incident, activities will be managed and co-ordinated by the Dive Organiser (or representative) in full co-operation with the boat skipper and emergency services.


3. Booking and Payment

  • Dives booked by the club will be published on a schedule which will be available on the club website, the notice boards, and from Committee members on request.
  • Bookings for dives will be on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. 
  • When you register your interest in attending a dive with the appropriate Dive Organiser (whether by phone, e-mail or face-to-face), a deposit must be paid within 2 weeks either by bank transfer or cash/cheque to a Committee member on a club night. 
  • Any diver who does not pay a deposit within two weeks of booking will forfeit their place unless they have notified the Dive Organiser of the reason for the delay. 
  • Once a deposit is paid, the diver is obliged to pay the remaining balance by the due date. If the diver is subsequently unable to dive for any reason, they will only be released from their obligation if another diver fills the place. 
  • The balance of the dive and any accommodation cost is payable one month before the date of the dive. Any balance not paid by that date will result in the diver forfeiting their place on the dive unless agreement has been reached with the Dive Organiser. 
  • When all the spaces available on a dive are full, a reserve list of those interested will be kept. Those on the reserve list will be approached should a space arise. If they still wish to go on the dive, they will be expected to pay a deposit or full balance according to the guidelines. 
  • Accommodation is the responsibility of the diver unless indicated otherwise on the dive schedule. 


4. Refunds, Cancellations and Changes

  • Diving is weather and tide dependant. The club or boat skipper may change boats, dive sites or departure times according to weather and operational requirements. 
  • If a dive is cancelled due to adverse weather or for other safety requirements, refunds will be made in accordance with the contract the club has made with the boat skipper. Normally, this will either be a refund, or the option of attending a rescheduled dive. 
  • Dive bookings are accepted on the understanding that if you have booked for a specific site and the weather does not permit diving that location, where possible, an alternative site will be sought taking into account the previously published dive type, qualifications and prepared gas mixes.


The Diving Club, Reading 2016



The Christmas party date is set for the 7th of December, it will be our last chance this year to all get together before the year end and celebrate the festivities.  Among other activities there will be a charity raffle.  Last year the charity nominated was Deptherapy  We have not nominated a charity yet for this year, so if you have a preference please email me with your suggestions.

Some of us are also planning to go to the Divecrew Charity event Party in the Park on the 10th December and it would be great if once again we can get a full table of club members to go.  Last year was a great evening and it is a chance to dress up, do some dancing and celebrate with other divers outside our club.  It is held in a marquee in the grounds of Cantley House Hotel in Wokingham.  There are thousands of pounds worth of prizes in a live auction for charity, some are dive related holidays usually from Emperor who support Divecrew charities.  There is a welcome drink, a three course dinner, disco with a professional DJ and yet another raffle, tickets are £45 per head.  If you are interested in coming along please email me and I will send you details.



The last dive of the 2015/16 calendar season was Lymington on the 8th October.  Martin will discuss at the AGM the proposed dives for next season and will be very interested in your feedback and any suggestions from club member. 

There is one confirmed dive for next year on the website, this is the week to Tobermory.  As I am sure the guys who dived Tobermory in the past and who dived in Scotland this year will confirm, Scotland is a dive destination not to be missed.   

It is always a difficult balancing act to offer the types of dives that are of interest to all club members.  So it is important that we have your feedback on your preference for the type of diving or any particular dives that you prefer.  It is also important that we have an up to date list of member’s skill levels.  At some point soon we will send out a request for you to confirm your latest dive certification level, OW, AOW, depth and technical.  Please try to respond, it important information that the dive organisers rely on.

The committee hope that you have had a great year diving with the club and outside the club, we hope next year will be just as good.




  • Club Newsletter - AGM Edition
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