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21 November 2017
The Diving Club AGM notes
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Dear Members,

Here are the notes of the AGM held on 1 November. Membership renewals will be sent to you soon and we are sending a separate email about the Christmas Party in December. 

The Diving Club Reading


 1 November 2017




Committee posts were not all filled this year. Vacant: Chair, Social (part year), Publicity.


Membership  42 paid members.



Club meeting in 2017 included dive planning event, photo competition, barbeque, "show me yours" and external speaker Mark Powell and one club night at a pub rather than clubhouse. Christmas club night scheduled for 6 December.



March -  Plymouth - cancelled due to weather

April  - Poole

May - West Bay - cancelled due to low numbers. Club financial loss as had to pay in full due to late cancellation

May - Pembrokeshire

June - Weymouth - and re-booked for next year

July - St Abbs

July - Eastbourne - cancelled due to weather

August  - Tobermory

September - Lymington



Accounts presented.  Club finances remain healthy and in credit. Overall c.£500-600 loss due to West Bay cancellation but low spend on social and membership income covers venue costs for club night and the loss. Accounts show that The Diving Club has not yet been invoiced by TVSAC for use of club house.



The committee post is vacant but the committee has continued to send regular email news to club members updates to promote dives and social events.






It is anticipated that membership and/or active diving members may continue to decrease.  The Club has some very active diving members but there was a decrease in the number of dives undertaken by members who do some dives p.a. Some members reported this was due to diary clashes. Longer dive trips filled better than short 1-2 day trips. It is onerous on the committee and not always achieved to try to fill places within and outside the Club at short notice takes a lot of time for the dive organisers.  



Dive organisers will move to a new model for arranging short 1-2 day trips. Rather than select and book a certain weekend for a certain location, the committee will poll members with a range of dates for members to respond which dates they are available. Dive organisers will then seek dive trip availability based on the reported best dates. This will not commit members formally but should ensure the dive organisers select dates which have a good chance of attracting members.


The Club will arrange some longer trips on fixed dates as this will often be determined by the providers' availability. Members are encouraged to lead on organising trips as has been the recent practice so that these are not formal Club dives with the financial commitment but that the Organiser can use the Club finance system to administer payments.


To cease the £2 day subsidy for Club dive trips.





The Club has a social role as well as being a diving club. Social events include non-club night events for example LDC annual lectures as already an established practice in the club. Committee anticipates retaining the current core elements including a photo competition, summer barbeque and Christmas event.


To maintain an active social programme members are encouraged to contribute and/or take a lead on events.


The bar will become self-serve/honesty bar from December 2017 and members are requested to help clear up. The committee will oversee as required.


ACTION - all members to offer to support social programme, for example giving a brief presentation on a dive trip, arranging a speaker and/or external event.





Committee to review options for contacting members e.g. email list rather than via website (but this will not disclose individual members' email addresses). It is anticipated this will encourage more dynamic interaction within the Club. For example if one member plans to go diving the next week, the ability for them to contact club members to invite others. No increase in membership fees.


To review options for the Club's website so that it has dive and social calendar and contact information as these are the sections most used and to link to Facebook.


ACTIONS - Membership Secretary to arrange for membership renewals to be sent to members.  Dive Organiser (ML) to explore options for email/website review.




The current committee stood down formally. There were no nominations for committee posts but the current committee agree to continue and were elected unopposed:


Treasurer – Tom Briggs

Dive organisers - Martin Lewin and Jim Godsell

Membership secretary – JIm Godsell

Secretary – Eve McIlmoyle

Plus website support provided by Roger Selwyn


Vacant posts: Chair, Social secretary, Publicity


4.       CLOSE OF AGM


The committee thanked all for attending and formally closed the meeting.

(Attendance: 9 club members including committee members. Apologies received from 8 members).

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