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04 October 2018
Photo Competition 2017/18 Photo Competition 2017/18
By Roger Selwyn @ 13:55 :: 60 Views :: 0 Comments :: HBT, Announcement

On Wednesday 3rd October we held the club photo competition. Due to the delay in this years event, it allowed entries from both 2017 and 2018. There was also a major change in classes this year to try a different format with reduced classes, but allowing members to submit multiple photos to a class. This resulted in a large number of photos, with very mixed concepts per class. Instead of just presenting the photos via projector, all photos were printed with some information, and also viewable on laptop displays, since the quality of projection and prints does not do the photos justice. Finally voting was done by attaching votes to the printed out versions of the photos. Unfortunately there was a relatively low club turn out to what is traditionally a very popular event. In general it was agreed that fewer photos per class would be better, and separation between concepts such as sea life, diver and wrecks.

The Winners


1st – Ben Selwyn

 Macro - BJS 1
2nd – Ben Selwyn  Macro - BJS 2


1st – Jane Wilkinson


2nd – Peter Allison



1st – Jane Wilkinson


2nd – Ben Selwyn

 World - BJS 3


1st – Tom Briggs


Jane Wilkinson

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